5 Reasons why you should go Custom

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Going custom is very scary and risky. Superstition!  

Paying for a sofa you haven’t seen or tried it is a bit risky and can scare a lot of people. It is in fact less exhausting and more rewarding to have your furniture custom made. Here are 5 reasons why!

Reason 1: Your one of a kind piece of furniture

Your house should reflect YOU and your taste. In the era we are actually living in, you can find the sofa you just bought in thousands household around the globe already, if not more! Get original and affirm your individuality by getting  exclusive furniture that represent you, your style and what you stand for.

Reason 2: Your style without compromise

Either you like classic, modern or glamour rock, you have your own style. Your furniture, like your wardrobe, is a representation of who YOU are.

Few have the audacity to embrace their individuality, but when they do, they rarely find what they are looking for in the mainstream market. This is why they go for custom produced furniture, where they can choose everything from A to Z.

Contemporary living room:

Ultra-classic living room:

Unique and custom made armchair: 

Reason 3: harmonized to your house

Furniture found and bought in the mainstream market is in standardized sizes, in standardized colors and in standardized style. You have no say over anything concerning the piece you are about to buy in a common furniture boutique. And when you do, the price of such variation is excessively costly. 

You have now, the opportunity to make the furniture YOU want, choosing the materials YOU wish, with the WHATEVER size you require. You are, finally in charge of the furniture you will have in your house

Reason 4: Choose quality over Quantity! 

Furniture you are buying have less and less life expectancy. This is why:

-          Because they want you to come back buying their furniture

-          And, at the price you get the furniture, the quality of the raw materials and the execution have been cut to cost nothing compared to the actual price you are buying it for. Making the life expectancy less important than what it is supposed to be.

And if you go for a branded furniture, the actual brand cost excessively more than the overall piece of furniture you are buying.

The differences between custom and mass produced furniture, are:

1.       YOU chose the design of this piece

2.       YOU control the quality of the item

3.       YOU make your own bill

Reason 5: When cost is not even an issue!  

Users of custom made furniture are actually surprise over the actual price of an exclusive made piece of furniture. Often, the total price is inferior than the cost of an already-made item bought in the market.

Users of custom made don’t question their bill. Mainly because they are the one making it!

They have total control over the price of the furniture as they chose the materials they want according to the design they desire with the quality they strive for.