Decorative Shelving Unit

Decorative Shelving Unit
Decorative Shelving Unit
Decorative Shelving Unit

Decorative Shelving Unit

Uplift your space with the BOLD Decorative Shelving Unit, a look-like floating wall shelves masterpiece designed for your office, study, library, or reading nook, it is crafted with precision and adorned with stainless steel accents to offer you an artistic twist on traditional storage solutions.


  • Customizable shelving unit.

  • Elegance wooden boxes.

  • Many boxes to display your treasures, books, or collectibles.

  • Unparalleled luxury with Stainless steel touches and real wood shelving units.



Width: 180 cm | Depth: 40CM | Hight: 225CM

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About This Product

Convert Your Interior Design with Custom Furniture Dubai


Unleash your creativity with BOLD, the essence of Dubai's bespoke furniture industry, as we always craft unique and personalized pieces that turn your spaces with magical touches of quality material, high craftsmanship, and professional designers to transform your space into a world of elegance and expression.


Features and Benefits of BOLD Decorative Shelving Unit:


  • Our home office shelving units are a blend of artistry and adaptability, customizable to fit your vision.

  • Dynamic design with sliding wooden boxes and stainless steel accents offers a modern twist on vintage aesthetics.

  • Tailored to your space with various dimension options to fit in any room, regardless of size.

  • Personalize your shelving UAE choices from a wide range of materials, colors, and finishes to match your style.

  • These standing shelves provide multiple levels of storage space to help you organize your stuff without compromising aesthetics.

  • Customize the number of the racked-on top of each other boxes until you reach the height you need and the storage space you require.


Explore the Elegance of the Bespoke Shelving Unit in Dubai


Discover a world of endless possibilities with the BOLD Decorative Shelving Unit where you can adjust and edit all the details until you create a masterpiece of your own with the materials, colors, dimensions, and storage space that you need.


Contact us and start customizing your BOLD Decorative Shelving Unit today!


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