Leather Quilting Upholstered Sofa

Leather Quilting Upholstered Sofa
Leather Quilting Upholstered Sofa
Leather Quilting Upholstered Sofa
Leather Quilting Upholstered Sofa

Leather Quilting Upholstered Sofa

Introducing the Leather Quilting Upholstered Sofa – where elegance meets innovation. Vertical leather quilting on the armrests evokes the world of high fashion. Its sleek, square lines are complemented by polished brass feet, a beige fabric upholstery, and brown leather quilting, all harmonizing to create the perfect color palette. Elevate your living room with this modern masterpiece, where style, comfort, and sophistication converge.


  • Luxurious Leather: Our Leather Quilting Upholstered Sofa features top-quality leather upholstery, offering not only a lavish look but also durability and easy maintenance.

  • Polished Brass Feet: The polished brass feet provide stability and add a touch of opulence to the sofa's design.

  • Durable Framework: Crafted with precision, the sofa boasts a robust wooden framework that ensures longevity and stability.

  • High-End Fabric: The beige fabric upholstery is both stylish and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for your living room.



Width: 299 cm | Depth: 104CM | Hight: 96CM

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About This Product

Luxurious Living: Craft Your Custom Home Décor with our Leather Sofas


Bold Bespoke Design specializes in creating custom furniture that resonates with your unique vision. Our Leather Quilting Upholstered Sofa is a testament to our commitment to design excellence. It seamlessly blends fashion-forward aesthetics with cutting-edge craftsmanship, ensuring your living room sofa is a true work of art.


Features and Benefits of the Bold Leather Quilting Upholstered Sofa:


  • Fashion-Forward Quilting: The vertical leather quilting on the armrests not only adds a touch of fashion to your living room but also provides enhanced comfort.

  • Stylish Square Lines: The sofa's sleek square lines create a modern and visually appealing profile that effortlessly fits into contemporary home decor.

  • Polished Brass Opulence: The polished brass feet contribute a luxurious touch while ensuring stability and durability.

  • Easy Maintenance: With durable leather and easy-to-clean fabric, this sofa is designed to retain its pristine look with minimal effort.

  • Unmatched Comfort: The Leather Quilting Upholstered Sofa is m


Personalize Your Space with Custom Furniture: Beige Sofas at Your Fingertips


At Bold Bespoke Design, we empower you to craft your ideal sofa. The Leather Quilting Upholstered Sofa is an embodiment of our commitment to personalization. Whether you envision different colors, fabrics, or sizes, we're here to transform your design dreams into a bespoke reality. Tailor this exceptional sofa to match your unique sense of style and elevate your home décor to new heights.


Upgrade Your Home Decor with a Bespoke 3 Seater Living Room Sofa – Get Yours Today!



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