BOLD LED Light and Wood Wall Cladding

BOLD LED Light and Wood Wall Cladding
BOLD LED Light and Wood Wall Cladding
BOLD LED Light and Wood Wall Cladding

BOLD LED Light and Wood Wall Cladding

Meet the BOLD LED Light and Wood Wall Cladding, a supreme cladding sheet that plays with dimensions to create a sense of rising magnificence in your interior design with a unique fusion of wood and LED lights that adds a touch of enchantment to your surroundings.


  • Carefully designed strip lines.

  • Unique design with different line patterns and dimensions.

  • Premium materials, including wood and LED lights.

  • Easy installation, without the hassle of complicated setups.



Width: 6 cm | Depth: 333CM | Hight: 285CM

Materials & Finishes

CNC Wood,

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About This Product

Revolutionary Options of Designer Furniture Dubai


When searching for bespoke furniture then you are searching for BOLD with its premium custom-made furniture that helps you upgrade your space with the best bespoke furniture in Dubai to infuse luxury into every piece of furniture in your interior spaces.


Features and Benefits of BOLD LED Light and Wood Wall Cladding:


  • This interior wood wall cladding has the power to create an illusion of space, height, and width of size in any room with the clever use of vertical strip lines.

  • Unique design and wall cladding details with wood, vertical lines, and LED light to enjoy a bespoke wall cladding design that stands as a testament to your individuality.

  • Warm ambiance with BOLD wall cladding thanks to the integrated LED lights that provide an inviting glow, setting the perfect mood.

  • Simple, quick, and easy installation that adds a touch of elegance to your interior.

  • Fully customizable BOLD wall cladding, as you can request the materials, finishes, details, and dimensions that you need to meet your space specifications.

The Best Wood Cladding Dubai


Embrace the extraordinary and upgrade your house interior design with our creative BOLD LED Light and Wood Wall Cladding to create the perfect expression of your unique style and sophistication.


Order your bespoke furniture from BOLD and be ready to redefine your decor with elegance and charm!


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