Modern Brass Side Table

Modern Brass Side Table
Modern Brass Side Table
Modern Brass Side Table

Modern Brass Side Table

The Modern Brass Side Table, a masterful blend of delicacy and design, introduces an extraordinary shape to your interior. Its round marble-adorned base creates a powerful visual impact, complemented by elegant brass structures converging gracefully at the top. This side table epitomizes the juxtaposition of noble materials, drawing inspiration from a potent source and vibrating with elegance in any space. 


  • Carrara Marble Elegance: Featuring a Carrara Marble top known for its timeless beauty and quality, this side table adds sophistication and luxury to your interior.

  • Aged Brass Durability: The base is constructed from Aged Brass with a translucent patina finish, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and exceptional durability.

  • Translucent Patina Finish: The Aged Brass base boasts a translucent patina finish that enhances its depth and character while ensuring lasting shine and appeal.

  • Contrasting Materials: The captivating contrast between Carrara Marble and Aged Brass showcases the power and grace of noble materials.



Width: 45 cm | Depth: 45CM | Hight: 50CM

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About This Product

A Glimpse of Luxury: The Brass and Marble Side Table for Bespoke Interiors


Bold in Dubai is known for its custom furniture, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique interior design needs. Our commitment to crafting personalized, unique pieces resonates in the Modern Brass Side Table, making it a testament to bespoke interiors. Our Modern Brass Side Table showcases meticulous craftsmanship that combines the grandeur of Carrara Marble with the timeless appeal of Aged Brass .Each table we make is a work of art, reflecting your individual style and taste. 


Features and Benefits of the Bold Modern Brass Side Table:


  • Unique Contemporary Design: The Modern Brass Side Table's rare and distinctive shape, delicate material balance, and interplay of Carrara Marble and Aged Brass create a contemporary design that adds an artistic touch to your space.

  • Elegance and Luxury: Featuring Carrara Marble, this side table exudes timeless beauty and luxury with its intricate veining, becoming a focal point in any room, elevating your home decor.

  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Crafted from Aged Brass with a translucent patina finish, this side table is visually appealing and built to withstand everyday wear and tear, offering both durability and resilience.

  • Captivating Material Contrast: The combination of Carrara Marble and Aged Brass creates a captivating contrast, reflecting the power and grace of noble materials working together in harmony, making it a statement piece that embodies both strength and elegance.

  • Artistic Inspiration: Inspired by the force and power of contrasting noble materials, this side table evokes artistic inspiration. Its design radiates energy, making it a captivating conversation starter in any interior setting.


Contemporary Elegance: The Gold Side Table That Redefines Style


Crafting your ideal side table is a journey that begins with your vision and ends with a unique masterpiece. At Bold Bespoke Design, we work with you to understand your style and requirements, ensuring your side table perfectly complements your decor. With our craftsmanship and your creativity, together, we create a one-of-a-kind Modern Brass Side Table that's truly yours.


Bring Luxury Home – Order Your Bespoke Brass Side Table Now!


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