Wood and Upholstery Dining Chair

Wood and Upholstery Dining Chair
Wood and Upholstery Dining Chair
Wood and Upholstery Dining Chair

Wood and Upholstery Dining Chair

Elevate your dining experience with the BOLD Wood and Upholstery Dining Chair, from solid wood with a first-grade upholstery back and stainless steel leg details, this fully upholstered chair combines simple elegance with a touch of luxury.


  • Fully upholstered design.

  • Solid wood structure.

  • Quilted first-grade upholstery back. 

  • Customize all the details to your liking.

  • Stainless steel leg details.



Width: 56 cm | Depth: 62.5CM | Hight: 100CM

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About This Product

Enjoy Originality with Custom Furniture Dubai


In the heart of Dubai, BOLD takes center stage as a source of bespoke furniture, offering a collection that seamlessly blends high-end materials, unique designs, and unparalleled craftsmanship to upgrade the world of interior design.


Features and Benefits of BOLD Wood and Upholstery Dining Chair:


  • The BOLD modern upholstered dining chairs envelop you in both simplicity and luxury, and their fully upholstered design ensures a comfortable and visually appealing dining experience.

  • Created from solid wood, this wooden chair for dining table embodies durability and timeless beauty making it a perfect addition to any dining room.

  • The grey dining chairs’ back, adorned with quilted first-grade upholstery, not only provides support but also introduces an element of sophistication, transforming your dining space into an eye-catching haven.

  • The wooden base complements the upholstery, offering stability and a seamless connection to nature within your dining room.

  • The four legs with stainless steel details add a contemporary edge to the luxury dining table chairs design, providing both style and support.


Enhance Your Experience with Bespoke Dining Chairs UAE


Transform your dining room with the BOLD Wood and Upholstery Dining Chair, the perfect blend of simplicity and luxury, that invites you to redefine your dining experience with total customizable options.


Just contact us to start crafting your unique interior design with BOLD bespoke furniture!

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