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Custom Made Furniture

At BOLD Bespoke Design, everything is made individually and we pride ourselves on the idea that we can make to suit your needs exactly. No matter what you might be after, be it a 12 seater dining table, or a 4 meter lounge sofa, we design and make everything individually. Custom made soft furnishing items that fit perfectly. This is ideal if you love the idea of having something that no one else has.

Soft Furnishing Consultation

Soft furnishings relate to those products that finish off a room, such as curtains, blinds, cushions, rugs, throws, and bedding. Soft furnishings are often the biggest contributing factors to the feel of a room and because you have so many choices when it comes to these, it can be hard to get it right on your own. Our experts will take care of the details so your home truly feels like a place you never want to leave.

We can make any style of furniture you like including classic, contemporary, modern, and islamic. See all of our styles here
Check out some of our past projects to get inspiration for your home